Global Centre on Biodiversity for Climate (GCBC)

Updated: 06 Oct, 2023

Funding type


Project size funding

US$ 150.001 - 300.000, US$ 300.001 - 500.000, US$ 500.001 - 2.000.000

Target region/countries

Chad, Comoros, Eastern Africa, Eritrea, Latin America and the Caribbean, Mali, Mauritania, Middle Africa, Niger, Pacific Islands, South-Eastern Asia, Southern Africa, Western Africa

Eligible Organisations for funding

Bilateral / Multilateral Organization, Communities / Non-registered citizen groups, Financial Institution (Investor/Bank), Non-profit or Civil Society Organization (NGO), Private Entity, Scholar Institution


Wildlife / Endangered Species, Marine & Coast, Forest & Woodlands, Freshwater, Wetland, Deserts & Semi-Deserts, Human-changed areas, Mountains & Rocky Areas, Savannas & Shrubland & Grasslands

Biodiversity Categories

Biodiversity awareness and knowledge, Biodiversity planning and finance, Protected Areas and other conservation measures, Restoration, Sustainable Use (of productive areas) , Invasive Alien Species (IAS), Pollution Management, Green Economy (incl. Ecotourism), Access and benefit sharing

Sector Tags

Aquaculture, Climate Change, Agriculture and Hunting, Environmental Protection and Conservation, Science and Research, Water, Fishing, Forests, Social Inclusion and Sustainability

Funding Criteria

- aligned with Research Strategy (available soon)
- focus on effective climate resilient development via the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity

- project size between £100k to £750k
- ODA eligible projects with partners in target geographic area- UK presence is not essential
- Private sector partners may be consortia members, but are ineligible to receive grant funds for profit, or act as a consortia lead delivery partner.

Application process

Call for application / Competition

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Particular consideration of

Local Communities (LC)

Additional information

Official UK Development Assistance (ODA) programme