R. Howard Dobbs, Jr. Foundation


Updated: 25 Oct, 2023

Funding type


Project size funding

US$ 5.001 - 20.000, US$ 20.001 - 50.000, US$ 50.001 - 150.000, US$ 150.001 - 300.000, US$ 300.001 - 500.000, US$ 500.001 - 2.000.000

Target region/countries

United States of America

Eligible Organisations for funding

Non-profit or Civil Society Organization (NGO)


Marine & Coast, Freshwater

Biodiversity Categories

Biodiversity development planning and finance, Biodiversity awareness and knowledge

Sector Tags

Environmental Protection and Conservation

Funding Criteria

Funding is currently geographically focused on Georgia in the United States.
Projects are funded if in line with the priorities of the foundation.

Application process

Submission of a Letter of Inquiry after which a full application can be made if successful

Application language


Additional information

Email Rachel Sprecher (rsprecher@rhdobbs.net) to set up a time to meet before submitting a Letter of Inquiry (LOI)